Open Loyalty 5.19


Backward Compatibility Breaks
  • Internal event - Achievement progressed
  • Member Custom Attribute in Campaign Condition Expression
  • ACL - Language
  • Rewards - Export to s3
  • Adding Units Transfers in Admin Panel with pending and expire values
  • React-router-dom in Admin Panel upgraded to version 6.4.0
  • Filtering Units Transfers using additional Units Transfers Types in Admin Panel
  • Autocomplete:
    • Style updates
    • bug with highlighting a template
  • Optimization of failed_messagess logging for units transfers
  • Trigger related fields added to CampaignEffectWasApplied webhook
  • Application logs returned as json
  • Comment characters limit increased for POST units transfers endpoints:
    • /api/{storeCode}/points/spend
    • /api/{storeCode}/points/block
    • /api/{storeCode}/points/add
  • Persistence connection for Redis
  • Inputs for Custom Events in Campaigns and Tenants optimised ( more elements visible in the list and copy change)
  • Targets were not taken into account when displaying rewards for test data
  • Saving empty tierAssignType returns 500 error
  • Too many decimal places returned for units.
  • No critical logs in stderr
  • Not possible to filter with Units Transfers types in admin panel
  • Endpoint POST /api/audit/log/archive returned 500 error
  • Importing coupons with wrong file returned 500 error
  • 500 error when image not found with GET /api/DEFAULT/reward/{rewardId}/photo/{photoId}
  • Member import from XML when S3 is enabled
Due to changes in ACL, someone with limited access to certain parts of Open Loyalty can receive error 403 on these pages.
Last modified 25d ago