In this section, you will learn how to manage the tenants within your loyalty program.

Tenants overview

(previously called Stores) functionality gives a possibility to add many tenants with different currencies, codes, and names. Each tenant has its own database with a Members List, Translations, and so on. Members realize transactions within each tenant according to the currency and code. After creating several tenants, in the top left corner, you’ll see a drop-down list where you can select a tenant. Once the tenant is selected, all the displayed data is exclusive to that selected tenant. There are 6 areas where the drop-down list is not visible: Configuration, Administrators, Roles, Transactions, Tenants, My Profile. In all of the above, settings will apply to all the tenants.

To access Tenant list, go to Settings -> Tenants. All created tenants will be listed in the table. You can change the number of rows displayed per page by clicking on the arrow icon below the table and picking a handy number from the list.

Filtering Tenants

You can search for the record via the +ADD FILTER feature. Clicking on the button will expand the list which contains the search field and available options. You can pick either relevant option from the list or type it in the search field.

  • Filter options:

    • Name

    • Code

    • Currency

    • Active

  • When choosing the option, a pop-up screen will show up, where you can add conditions and values to list only proper records. To remove the filter click on 'X' on the filter chip.

    • When the filter option, the index next to +ADD FILTER button will change and show the amount and percentage of the currently listed option.

Adding tenant

To add a new tenant click on the +ADD TENANT button, you will land on the next screen.

All fields must be filled, so you will need to add Currency (you pick this value from the list), Code, and Name. Also please remember to check the Active box (you define here if the tenant is active or inactive). When you want to submit the form, click on the ADD TENANT button.

A new record will be present on the 'Tenant list' screen

Managing tenants

Editing tenant

If you want to edit the tenant click on the overflow button, and from the list click on Edit tenant. You will land on the edit screen, where you can change the tenant name and state (active/inactive). Such fields as currency or code are not editable. After changes, click EDIT TENANT to save.


You can manage the timezone that will be used in this specific Tenant:

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