Pay with Points

How to Pay with Points Using OpenLoyalty.

One of the OpenLoyalty features is the ability for customers to pay for purchases with points they've accumulated. This guide outlines the simple steps to use your points as currency at participating stores. While some of these steps need to be configured outside of OpenLoyalty, this guide shows the complete flow of the possible integration.

Step 1: Entering the Shopping Cart

Begin your shopping as usual. Once you've selected your items and are ready to check out, enter your shopping cart.

Step 2: Checking Points Balance

Your points balance is checked automatically. The store will initiate a request to the OpenLoyalty system to retrieve your available points. This ensures that you have an up-to-date balance before you proceed with the transaction.

Step 3: Using a Coupon (Optional)

If you have a previously issued coupon, you can apply it to change the transaction value. The system will post a request to apply the coupon, and if successful, the new transaction value will be displayed.

Step 4: Using Points for the Transaction

Enter the number of points you would like to use for this transaction. The system will verify the number of points you have entered. Make sure you have enough points to cover the transaction value.

Step 5: Fraud Protection Measures (Optional)

For your security, there may be a fraud protection step in place. This could temporarily block points in your wallet to prevent fraudulent activities. If this step is initiated, the points will be blocked and then subsequently unlocked during the transaction process.

Step 6: Completing the Transaction

Once the points are verified and any fraud protection measures are addressed, you can complete the transaction. Your points will be spent, and the system will post the corresponding transactions to reflect the points spent.

Step 7: Finalizing the Points Spend

After the points are spent, the system will post the transaction, deducting the points from your balance.

Step 8: Adding Points from Campaign Effects

Lastly, if the transaction triggers any campaign effects, such as bonus points for specific promotions, these will be added to your account accordingly. This ensures that any additional benefits you're entitled to are not missed.

Important Notes:

  • Point Verification: Always ensure the points balance is verified before attempting to complete a transaction to avoid any delays.

  • Fraud Protection: Be aware that fraud protection is for your safety. If points are blocked, they will be unlocked once the transaction is verified as legitimate.

  • Coupon Usage: Coupons can alter the number of points needed for a transaction. Apply any coupons before finalizing the use of points to ensure the transaction value is up-to-date.

  • Transaction Completion: Upon completing a transaction with points, ensure you receive a confirmation. This could be a notification from the OpenLoyalty system, such as a webhook response.

  • Campaign Benefits: Keep the customer informed about current campaigns to maximize the benefits they can receive from the transactions.

Using points to pay for purchases with OpenLoyalty is a straightforward process designed to enhance customers' shopping experience. By following these steps, you can effortlessly implement the usage of accumulated points to allow your customers to enjoy rewards and savings as a valued customer.

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