In this section, you will learn how to manage the loyalty program configuration.

Basic configuration

In this section, you can change the main settings that are important to use Open Loyalty.

  • Member registration method - in this setup you can select of required information during the creation of a new member. You can choose either Phone, Email, or Loyalty Card Number. That way, while creating a new Member, you will need to put his email or phone depending on which method you choose.

  • Identification factors - the order in which you write the identifiers will be taken into account when matching the Transaction to a specific customer. Available options: Phone, Email, Loyalty Card Number. If you want to change the order or remove the identification use the “x” symbol.

  • Member account activation - new accounts are activated right away without Admin intervention while the switcher is set to an 'off' state. If the switcher is set to 'on', the account of the member who will register himself will need to be activated by an Admin.

  • Member profile settings - allow/disallow user editing of the profile.

  • Active Member Settings - You have the option to set one or multiple conditions determining an active member. Activity can be tracked by:

    • Transactions placed within a specific period.

    • Specified custom events (or all custom events) occurring within a specific period.

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