Managing Members

In this section, you will learn how to edit Members' data.

Editing a Member

In this article, you will get to know how to edit the Member profile information in Open Loyalty. All you have to do is select the Member you want to edit and make changes.

To edit a Member:

  1. Select the Member

  2. Click the context menu

  3. Click Edit Profile

  4. Make changes

  5. Click SAVE

You can edit Member data directly from the Single member profile or by selecting their record from the List of Members.

Changing profile details - you can change all the information about a Member including the data provided during the account creation process: first name, last name, e-mail, phone number, gender, birth date, etc.

Adding custom attributes

While editing the Member information, you can add a custom attribute or remove the one that is already created. Custom attributes are data fields used to store additional details about Members. Every tag stores information in the form of “key” and “value”; e.g. if we want to store a Member's shoe size, we can add a tag with a “key” named “shoe size” and the “value” which will equal the current shoe size of the Member. They can extend a Member's profile with additional profile details and Member preferences or can keep data sourced from external systems. Every Member can have an unlimited number of custom attributes.

To create a custom attribute:


  1. Fill required field: Key and Value​:

Assigning Tiers manually

During the Member account creation, or in editing mode, you can manually set the Tier to which the Member is assigned.

To set the Tier manually:

  1. Select the Member

  2. Click the context menu

  3. Click Edit Profile

  4. Set the Tier

  5. Click SAVE

After these steps, the Member's account in the Member list will have an icon next to the Tier that symbolizes the Tier was set manually.

Adding Units transfers

In this part, you will learn how to add the Units Transfer for a Member, which is useful in case of an ad hoc special situation, e.g. a long delivery delay, the biggest Member purchase of the year, etc.

You can add Units Transfers to a Member directly from their Profile Detail Page, by selecting their record from the List of Members or from the Units Transfer page which you will know later.

Adding units transfer from Member profile

To add units transfer to a specific member from the Member profile:

  1. Click the ACTIONS button,

  2. Click Add units transfer,

  3. Select the Units Transfer type (Add/Deduct)

  4. Fill the fields

  5. Click SAVE

Adding unit transfer from the List of Members

To add Unit Transfers to a specific Member from the List of Members:

  1. Click the context menu

  2. Click the ACTIONS button,

  3. Click Add units transfer,

  4. Select the Units Transfer type (Add/Deduct)

  5. Fill the fields

  6. Click SAVE

Manual achievement progress change

In the achievement status, you can change the current progress and the completion status of the member's achievement.

To manually change the achievement progress of completion status:

  1. Go to List of Members -> Members

  2. Select the specific member

  3. Go to the Achievement status tab

  4. Click the context menu in the achievement row -> press Manage progress

  1. After making changes, complete the action by clicking SAVE.

Please note:

  • Every manual progress change triggers the associated campaigns.

  • Changing the Completion status will give you an error if the achievement has a limit set to X in total. Changing the completion status above the X number set in this limitation is invalid. Read more about Achievements limitations.

  • It's not possible to change the progress above the Goal in the achievement.

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