In this section, you will get to know everything related to Campaigns.

Campaigns module overview

Campaigns are structured around a sequence of triggers, conditions, and effects. Upon the occurrence of a trigger, its attributes are assessed against predefined conditions. If these conditions are fulfilled, an effect is applied.

This mechanism enables rewarding customers who satisfy the criteria outlined in a campaign.

Browsing Campaigns list

As mentioned above you can see all created Campaigns displayed in the table, data which are presented here:

  • Order no.

  • Name

  • Campaign type

  • Active

  • Active from

  • Active to

  • Created at

There is a possibility to sort records by clicking on the column header for Name, Active, Active from, and Active to - when hovering over the header you may notice that the mouse cursor changes to the hand, and arrows appear.

By changing the number in the Order section you can change the display order of Campaigns to sort them according to your preference.

Changing the order in which campaigns are displayed does not change the order in which they are executed.

There is also a possibility of filtering records by clicking on the +ADD FILTER button and applying the picked condition. After that only records which will meet the required condition should be present. Also, statistics on how many records are created and how many of them meet the condition's criteria, are presented. Available conditions you can pick to filter out your results:

  • Active

  • Active from

  • Active to

  • Campaign ID

  • Name

  • Type

After applying the picked filter it appears in front of the +ADD FILTER button, as a purple, pillow button which can be dismissed by clicking on "X". You can apply more than one condition at once.

In case the applied filter does not have any results present, such a label will be displayed instead of records.

Besides searching via filters you can use a Search Table available in the upper right corner under the 'Add Campaign' button. The search field allows you to find the campaign via the name:

Once you start typing the campaign name, the results will change automatically.

Single Campaign View

In this section, you will find comprehensive analytics and insights for your campaigns. The Single Campaign View feature has been introduced to provide you with valuable metrics to track and evaluate the performance of your campaigns. Gain a deeper understanding of the engagement and reach of your campaigns using the following key metrics:

Total Engagement:

Total number of times the campaigns engaged members within the set date range.

Total Engaged Members:

Total number of members engaged with the campaigns at least once within the set date range.

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