#3 Earn 1 stamp for every transaction

#3 Earn 1 stamp for every transaction

Business goals:

  • Number of transactions

  • Transaction frequency

Loyalty mechanism: Currency


  • A stamp-based loyalty campaign, where members earn a single loyalty currency every time they do a transaction with the loyalty card.

  • The campaign encourages customers to visit more often and reward shopping frequency instead of the transaction value.

  • The campaign is highly effective in industries with a higher shopping frequency e.g. quick-service restaurants.

Default configuration:

Campaign type: Direct

Trigger: Transaction


  • Conditions: None

  • Effects: Give 1 stamp for the transaction (Add units -> Wallet type: Stamps wallet -> Calculation formula: 1)

Actionable tips:

  • Set up a limit of transactions per day/hour to avoid fraud and control the costs of the campaign.

  • To maximize customer shopping frequency even more, consider allowing members to exchange earned points for time-limited discount coupons for the next purchase.

  • Offer different stamp ratios for different tiers, to encourage customers to progress between your tiering strategy.