#7 Register to the program and get 50 bonus points

#7 Register to the program and get 50 bonus points

Business goals:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Customer activation

Loyalty mechanism: Loyalty currency


  • One of the most popular campaigns to drive new customer acquisition.

  • With the campaign, new members are rewarded for registering and activating their loyalty program account.

  • Thanks to using points as a reward benefit, the customer is familiarized with program mechanics and perceives points as "currency" from the beginning of their loyalty program journey.

  • This can be a constant welcome bonus, or a temporary campaign to drive acquisition.

Default configuration:

Campaign type: Direct

Campaign trigger: Account activation (Internal event -> Event type: Member was activated)


  • Conditions: None

  • Effects: Give 50 points (Add units -> Wallet type: Points wallet -> Calculation formula: 50)

Actionable tips:

  • Decide on the number of bonus points carefully - the number of welcome points should be big enough to attract the members (also from the communication standpoint - e.g. halfway to your first reward), but small enough to force users to further activities (transactions).

  • Limit the campaign to be performed only once in the whole lifecycle of the member.

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