#4 Buy product ACME 123 and earn 100 points

#4 Buy product ACME 123 and earn 100 points

Business goals:

  • Product sales

  • Higher margin

Loyalty mechanism: Currency


  • This campaign rewards members with loyalty currency every time they buy a specific product.

  • The campaign is perfect in cases where you need to clear stock of a specific product, want to promote a product with a higher margin, or want to promote a newly introduced product among the customer base.

Default configuration:

Campaign type: Direct

Trigger: Transaction


  • Condition: At least 1 ACME 123 product in the transaction (Quantity of product with a specific SKU -> SKU: 123, IS greater or equal to 1)

  • Effect: Give 100 points (Add units -> Wallet type: Points wallet -> Calculation formula: 100)

Actionable tips:

  • Set a time limit when the campaign is active to maximize the campaign efficiency e.g. members can earn an extra 200 points for buying ACME products during the upcoming weekend.

  • While calculating the number of loyalty currencies, always consider the margin on the product.

  • If you want to reward customers for buying any product from the group use different conditions e.g. quantity of products from a specific category.

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