Member List

In this section, we will cover everything related to the list of members. We will show you how to manage, add, remove and anonymize Members' data, and you will understand Members data better.

List of members Overview

Please note: The member count displayed on this list is an estimated figure. This estimation approach is applied when the total number of records exceeds 5,000. We've implemented this method to ensure optimal performance and a smoother user experience.

Browsing Members' list

In this article, you get a quick overview of all the most important information about the Member list.

Below you will find described operations that you can perform on the Members list.

In the table on the main view with all Members, you will find data that gives you the first information about them:

  • Full name - first name and last name of the Member

  • Email - Member’s e-mail address

  • Registration date - the date when the Member account was created

  • Transactions - numbers of transactions

  • Total earned points - total number of Points earned

  • Active points - all active Points (in a Default Wallet)

  • Total spending - the total amount of expenses

  • Avg. Transaction value - average value of all orders

  • Tier - the level the member is currently in

However, you can manage Column visibility by clicking the MANAGE COLUMNS button in the bottom left corner of the Member list:

Below you can check the performance video of how to manage the columns in the member list:

For a more detailed overview of all Members, you can use filters. They will help you find Members who have the data you are looking for.

You can use one filter or you can create and use several filters at the same time.

To use a filter, you need to create it:

  1. Click ADD FILTER

  2. Select a filter from the list

  3. Choose the condition

  4. Enter the values

  5. Check the table

After completing all the steps, the Member list has been filtered:

  • Sorting the Member list Sorting data is used when you (an Admin) want to sort the Members by specific data. All columns in the table are sorted in ascending or descending order, which helps find, understand, and analyze data and create statistics.

  • Managing Members from the Members’ view perspective - you can perform certain actions on the current Member.

The actions which you can take:

  • Add unit transfer - you can add/deduct unit transfers to a specific Member

  • Anonymize profile - with this action you can anonymize member's data (this option is irreversible)

  • Assing to tier - you can manually assign the user to a Tier

  • Change password - you can change the password for a member

  • Deactivate account - this option will change the member status to 'Deactivated member'

  • Edit profile - after creating a Member account, you can make changes to their account

  • Remove profile - you can remove the current Member account

  • See full profile (option available only on the Member list)

To perform an action:

  1. Select the Member

  2. Click the context menu

  3. Choose from the list.

All of these activities can be done from the main page of the "Members list" module and the Member account view.

Understanding Members’ data

Open Loyalty allows you to store and merge various Members’ data and create a 360-degree Member view of every Member, with details such as personal information, online and offline Transactions, all kinds of interactions in the loyalty program, and custom variables.

Open Loyalty can receive and exchange Members' data from any external system.

Below, you can see the list of all Members' data types available in the Member profile in Open Loyalty. To open a Member profile, you need to click the member row or:

  1. Click the context menu of any Member

  2. Click See full profile

Personal data

Personal data is basic profile information stored with a Member’s account. By default, all the information can be added, edited, or removed by both the Administrator of the system and the Member.

Details that the profile contains:

  • Full name

  • Account status

  • Email

  • Referral token - by this token you can invite another Member,

  • Phone number - (the format: 00000000000)

  • Loyalty card number - this field can be used to store loyalty card number or any other unique identifier used by Members

  • Current tier - shows the current Tier the Member is assigned to,

  • Birthday date with the information on how many days are left to the next birthday date

  • Registration date

  • Segments - shows information about the Segments to which the Member is assigned

Member profile information

Besides personal data, the member profile includes the following information:

  • Personal dashboard - shows the general overview of total spending, average spending, unit transfers, etc.

  • Timeline - view where you can see all the operations that are related to the current Member

  • Transactions - list of all Transactions that the current Member has made

  • Achievement status - the Achievements Status presents challenges made by a member like Completed period and Current Progress.

  • Available Rewards - shows all Rewards available for the current Member, including the cost in Units to redeem Rewards and dates when the Reward is available

  • Redeemed Rewards - shows information about the Rewards that the Member has redeemed, divided into used, and delivered

  • Custom Events - it gives you information about events that are assigned to the specific Member.

  • Custom attributes - gives information about the tags to which the Member is assigned

  • Campaign status - view contains a list of events that are assigned to the Member

  • Visible campaigns - contains all campaigns that are visible to the member. The list is displayed based on the 'Campaign Visibility' settings in the Campaigns.

Personal dashboard

The Personal dashboard calculates various metrics like:

Business Performance

Transactional metrics include information about basic factors regarding Member Transactions within the loyalty program.

  • Total spending (CLV, Member Lifetime Value) - the total amount of all registered Transactions realized by the member

  • Transactions - total number of registered Transactions (orders) made by the Member within the Loyalty Program

  • Avg. Transaction Value (AOV) - the average amount of all registered Transactions made by the Member

  • Days since the last transaction

  • Predicted spending - is an Artificial Intelligence estimation of a member's total transaction value within the next 7 days.

  • Probability of the next purchase - Probability of the next purchase, is an Artificial Intelligence estimation of the likelihood that the individual will transact in the next 7 days.

  • Tiers - Open Loyalty allows for creating various tiering mechanics that engage Members to stay with the brand and be more engaged. As an Administrator, you can define how Tiers are calculated in the Tiers module. Every Member can be only in one Tier at a time. Besides that, you can track the tier progress based on the conditions from the Tier set configuration

    • Last promotion - the date when the tier was assigned

    • Last downgrade - the date of the previous downgrade

    • Next recalculation

Digital wallets

  • Active Points - all active Points that belong to the current Member

  • Pending Points - all Member's pending points. The pending period can be set in the Wallet configuration

  • Spent Points - all Points used by the current Member

  • Expired Points - all expired Units

  • Total Earned Points

  • Member Points limitation - it can be set in the Wallet configuration

  • Points limit

  • Current earnings

  • Points left to achieve the limit

The wallet balance cannot be negative! The minimum amount of units is 0.

Points Transfers

In this tab, you will find information about the Units that the Member has earned, spent, or lost. You can find out if the Units are the result of the Campaigns or if they were set manually by the Administrator. When the Units were added, how long the Units will be blocked, and when they will expire.

The AI-generated Recommended Products list estimates daily product recommendations based on transaction history.


This tab contains information about all operations and events that are related to the current Member. Actions such as Tier change, new Transactions, Units earned, Units spent, expired Units, when the Member makes an order, earn Units for it and goes to a higher Tier, etc.


Information about Member's Transactions such as type, date of Transaction, place, amount of money spent, and value of earned Points.

Please note that the earned Points value includes all the Points generated by this transaction, which includes points rewarded to the referrer of the member when a referral campaign is active.

To learn more about Transactions, check out the detailed article below.


Achievement Status

The Achievements Status tab contains challenges made by a member like Current Progress and Completion status.

Current progress: This displays how far you are in achieving your goal for the current period.

Completion status: It gives information on how many times the achievement has been completed.

Available Rewards

The available Rewards tab contains a view of Rewards available for a particular Member, including the cost in units to redeem a Reward and dates when the Reward is available.

Redeemed Rewards

Here you will find all redeemed Rewards by the current Member divided into used and delivered. Visible information: name of Reward, the cost in Units, status, active from, active to, purchase at, coupon, use of coupons count.

Referred members

This view contains data about all clients that were referenced by the current client.

This happens when a Member invites another Member with a "Referral Token", a note appears in the table.

For example: Member X invited Member Y with their "Referral Token". In the Member X's account, you will see a record with the invitation information.

Custom Events

This tab gives you information about events that are assigned to the specific Member.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are data fields used to store additional details about Members.

Every custom attribute stores information in the form of “key” and “value” eg. if we want to store a member's shoe size we can add a tag with a “key” named “shoe size” and the “value” which will equal the current shoe size of the Member.

They can extend the Member's profile with additional profile details and Member preferences or can keep data sourced from external systems. Every Member can have an unlimited number of custom attributes.

As an Administrator, you can add a custom attribute to a Member while adding a new Member, or editing an existing Member and you can find added custom attribute on the Member profile.

Campaign Status

The Campaigns Status tab contains all campaigns progress the member is participating Completion status and Units earned Status.

Visible campaigns

This tab contains all campaigns that are visible to the member. The list is displayed based on the Campaign Visibility settings in the Campaigns.

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