Creating Reward

This section will explain you how to add reward in the Admin Panel

Adding a Reward

  1. Go to the Rewards -> List of Rewards

  2. Click ADD REWARD

  3. Choose the Reward type

  4. Fill in all required fields

  5. Set Reward status to Active

  6. Click ADD REWARD

In the Rewards section, we have two separate settings:

  • Reward Activity - period of time that the reward might be acquired with units.

  • Reward Visibility - period of time that the reward is visible to the targeted Members.

Then we define a reward as available in OL if the following is true: Period of time that reward is visible, Period of time that it is active, Target is matched with member's segment or tier.

Type of Reward

Type of reward fields:

  • Type of reward - choose whether it's material or coupon type

    • Material

    • Coupon

  • Wallet type allowed for redemption - Wallet type you want to use for reward redemption

  • Price in (currency) - the price the Member gets upon receiving the Reward

  • Reward price in Points - Units which the Member spent to redeem the Reward

Basic settings

Basic settings fields:

  • Name - the name of the Reward

  • Description - brief description

  • + TRANSLATION (optional) - adding translations to the reward

  • Reward availability - time when the Reward will be active to Members

  • Reward visibility in the catalog - the time when the Reward will be visible to Members

  • Reward targeting - identifies the Member group that qualifies to receive the Reward

    • Available for everyone

    • Available for a specific segment

    • Available for a specific tier

  • Redemption limit - defines the global limit of how many times the reward can be redeemed.

  • Redemption limit per member - defines the limit on how many times the reward can be redeemed per member

Additional settings

Additional settings fields

  • Usage instruction - short instruction on how to use the Reward

  • Conditions description - description of the conditions of getting a Reward

  • Brand name - the name of the brand

  • Brand description - description of the brand

  • Category - you can select Campaign category or categories to be assigned to this Reward Campaign

Reward images

Reward Status

Fields to be completed when creating a Reward:

  • Tax price value - the monetary value of tax for Reward

  • Days inactive - the number of days the Reward will be inactive

  • Days valid - the number of days when coupon assigned to this Reward will be active since the inactive time boundaries are finished. After the number of days provided here, the voucher will expire. You can also set a specific expiration date - all of the coupons will expire on the same date.

  • Active - you can activate or deactivate the Reward

  • Auto-generate coupon codes

    • Coupon generator length - length of the coupon

    • Coupon generator character set - choose the character of the coupon

      • Alphanumeric

      • Alpha

      • Numeric

    • Coupon generator prefix - you can add a prefix before your coupon code

    • Unlimited usage - set an overall coupon limit usage for Members

      • Usage limit general

  • Unlimited usage per Member - set a coupon limit usage per Member

    • Usage limit per user

  • Custom attributes - add custom attributes

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