#6 Refer 5 friends and get a $50 off coupon for the next purchase

#6 Refer 5 friends and get a $50 off coupon for the next purchase

Business goals:

  • Customer acquisition

Loyalty mechanism:

  • Coupons Rewards

  • Referrals

  • Achievements


  • With this campaign, members will get a special reward after referring 5 new customers. Bonus points are added only when the new members of the loyalty program complete their first purchase.

  • This type of campaign can be used to boost new user acquisition, especially in the first weeks after the program's launch.

  • To configure the campaign you will have to define the achievement that will count the number of newly referred customers who successfully completed the order. Next, we will configure campaigns triggered by this achievement and apply suitable effects.

Default configuration:

Achievement: "5 newly referred members do the first transaction" Achievement type: referral achievement Trigger: Transaction Achievement coundint: Number of event occurrences Achievement goal: 5 The goal corresponds to the number of referees. Each referee needs to complete one transaction.

Campaign Campaign type: referral Campaign trigger: achievement “5 newly referred members do the first transaction” Rule for referer:

  • Conditions: None

  • Effects: Give $50 off coupon for the next purchase (Give reward -> reward: $50 off coupon for the next purchase)

Actionable tips:

  • Avoid rewarding referrals based only on the registration in the loyalty program.

  • Consider creating a set of campaigns where the more new members are referred, the better the rewards are. For example “Refer 5 friends and get $50 off coupon for the next purchase” and “Refer 520 friends and get an ACME product for free”.

  • Experiment with different types of effects like discount coupons instead of loyalty currency.