Creating Members

In this section, you will discover how to add individual members as well as multiple members.

Adding new Members

You can add a Member via API, but there is also another option to create a Member account. In this article, we will show you how to create a Member account or import multiple Members via the Admin Panel as an Administrator.

Adding a single Member

To add a Member:

  1. Go to List of members under the Members module

  2. Click ADD MEMBER

  3. Select Add single Member

  4. Fill in the required e-mail field and all other optional fields

  5. After completing the action, click ADD MEMBER

To add a member you need a minimum of one tier created in the program

Adding custom attributes

While adding Member information, you can add tags. Custom attributes are data fields used to store additional details about Members. Every custom attribute stores information in the form of “key” and “value” e.g. if we want to store a Member's shoe size we can add a tag with a “key” named “shoe size” and the “value” which will equal the current shoe size of the Member. They can expand the Member's profile with additional profile details and Member preferences or can keep data sourced from external systems. Every Member can have an unlimited number of custom attributes.

To create a custom attribute:


2. Fill required field: Key and Value​:

Importing multiple Members

The Member import file must have the required data: name, surname, e-mail, address, telephone number, and loyalty card number.

Here is an example file, which you can download and edit to import your Member, or many Members:

<download file>

To import Members:

  1. Click ADD MEMBERS

  2. Select Import Members

  3. Upload a file with the Member data

Asynchronous Member import can be done through the API.

You can upload a max. 10 MB file.

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