Reward Types

This section will describe what type of rewards you can set in the Admin Panel.

Rewards are divided into two types, which on the surface may seem similar, but there are significant differences between them in terms of configuration, as well as the ability of program members to use them. Take a look at the descriptions below to learn more about the reward types

  • Material reward - A physical product that you can award to a member as a prize for completing a campaign or allow him to purchase it using units. As additional attributes, you can add a photo of the product and track its shipping status. e.g. a book or a Bluetooth speaker

  • Coupon: Reward in the form of coupon/voucher:

Coupon types:

  1. Value coupon - coupon with a currency value (can be fixed or dynamic)

  2. Units conversion coupon - Value coupon based on converted loyalty units

  3. Percentage coupon - coupon with a fixed percentage value

Value coupon:

  • Fixed coupon - A reward with a predefined value that is set when the coupon is created. e.g., a voucher for $20 or a 20% discount.

  • Dynamic coupon (only value coupon) - The value is calculated based on the formula defined when creating a campaign.

Calculation formulas available for dynamic coupon rewards

Below, you will find some example calculations available for dynamic coupon rewards:

  • 3% of the transaction value - 0.03*transaction.grossValue

  • 10% of the transaction value, rounded up - round_up(0.1*transaction.grossValue)

  • 10% of the value from products in a specific category - 0.1*transaction.category(‘category’).grossValue

  • 10% of the value from products of a specific brand - 0.1*transaction.maker(‘maker’).grossValue

  • 10% of the value of products with a specific SKU - 0.1*transaction.sku(‘SKU’).grossValue

  • 10% of the transaction value, exclude products with a specific SKU - 0.1*transaction.grossValue-transaction.sku(‘SKU’).grossValue

Please note that you can also use formulas from the 'Add units' effect to calculate your dynamic coupons.

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