#5 Refer a friend and get 100 points

#5 Refer a friend and get 100 points

Business goals:

  • Customer acquisition

Loyalty mechanism: Currency Referrals


  • With this campaign, members get bonus points for referring a friend.

  • Reward points are added only when a new referred customer purchases something.

  • Referral campaigns will allow you to constantly generate a stream of new customers referred by existing members.

  • To configure this campaign we will have to use the referral type of the campaign and define a rule for the referrers.

Default configuration:

Campaign type: Referral

Trigger: Referee’s transaction

The rule for referer:

  • Conditions: The referee has done the first transaction (Referee’s first transaction date -> Is after the date when the campaign was started)

  • Effects: Give 100 points (Add units -> Wallet type: Points wallet -> Calculation formula: 100)

Actionable tips:

  • Avoid rewarding referrals based only on the registration in the loyalty program.

  • Experiment with different types of effects like discount coupons instead of loyalty currency.

  • Set up a limit for the number of referrals a day to avoid fraud e.g. 5 friends per customer daily.

  • Consider setting up a minimum value for the referee's transaction to avoid generating a low-quality customer base.

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