In this section, you will learn how segmentation works in Open Loyalty. How to configure Member Segments according to your preferences, how to create new Segments, and assign Members to existing ones.

Members can be grouped into Segments based on their data, transactional data, or loyalty program behavior. Segments can be configured by the Administrator in the Segments module or sourced from external 3rd party systems through API. Users are added to Segments automatically after meeting the requirement of being in a given Segment. Thanks to this, you can automate the processes of loyalty program management and those related to personalizing loyalty offers and facilitating marketing communication.

Segments module overview

The Segments module contains all the functions related to segmentation. In this section, you can create Segments to which your Members will be assigned, change the Segment configuration, or download a list of Members assigned to a Segment. This is one of the main functionalities of our service, based on which you can add e.g. marketing activities.

Browsing the Segment list

In the main-view table which contains the list of all Segments, you will find data with basic information about them.

  • Name - Name of the Segment

  • Members - number of added customers

  • Avg. transaction value - average Transaction amount

  • Avg. number of transactions - average Transactions

  • Avg. spending - average spending

  • Created on - the date when the Segment was created

For a more detailed overview of all Segments, you can search via name and/or use filters. They will help you find the Segment which has the data you are looking for.

Table Search by name:

Once you start typing the name, the results will change automatically.

Filters you can use:

  • Active

  • Avg. CLV

  • Avg. number of transactions

  • Avg. transaction value

  • Created on

  • Description

  • Members

  • Name

You can use one filter, or create and use several filters at the same time.

Sorting the Segment list

Sorting data is used when you (an Admin) would like to sort the Segments by specific data. This includes:

  • Name

  • Members

  • Avg. transaction value

  • Avg. number of transactions

  • Avg. CLV

  • Created on

As an Administrator, you can perform certain actions on the Segments. The actions you can take:

  • Activate/deactivate Segment

  • Edit Segment

  • Remove Segment

  • Download Members list

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