The dashboard is the first page that appears when you log in to the Admin panel. The dashboard gives an overview of the members' activity in your loyalty programs.

The Open Loyalty dashboard is an informative hub for administrators managing loyalty programs. Upon logging in, admins are greeted with a comprehensive overview of member activities and program metrics. Key features include monitoring registered and active members, tracking revenue, and analyzing average spending and transaction values. The dashboard also offers detailed insights into transactions and lets admins view data across various time frames, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly aggregates. Additional metrics such as points earned, used, expired, pending, and member engagement without transactions are also available.

This robust dashboard provides a clear and detailed view of loyalty program performance, aiding in effective management and strategy development.

Metrics can be exported and utilized in any reporting tool you work with daily. To find out more, please refer to this article:

S3 Bucket Exports

For a more detailed view and specific information, please refer to one of the following sub-articles:

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