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May 2024

Segmentation - Achievement progression last x days rules

(Added to Segment Conditions) Within a new upgrade, we released a new condition in Segments, where you can group the members who progressed the specific Achievement in the last x days rule.

Achievement edit without resetting the progress for general settings

You can edit the achievement general settings without worrying about losing the member achievement progress.

Segmentation - Achievement progression overall rules

(Added to Segment Conditions) Within a new upgrade, we released a new condition in Segments, where you can group the members who progressed the specific Achievement in the overall rule:

IssuedRewardID in CustomerBoughtReward webhook

A new field IssuedRewardID was added to the CustomerBoughtReward webhook.

Segmentation - Achievement completion

(Added to Segment Conditions) Within a new upgrade, we released a new condition in Segments, where you can group the members who completed the specific Achievement:

April 2024

Achievements - Rule name & description

This time we added new fields for the achievements rules:

Transaction Campaign/Achievement Condition - Product meeting selected criteria

This time, a new condition has been added allowing you to set multiple requirements that the product needs to meet to get the effect of the campaign:

New conditions:

  • Quantity of products that match selected criteria

  • Value of products that match selected criteria

Achievements Export/Import

A new feature has been added, allowing you to export multiple achievement sets to a JSON file. You can import this configuration into any tenant as well.

Tier Progress in a Single Member View

A new feature allows you to track member's tier progress within various tiers based on predefined conditions. This feature is designed to enhance user engagement by providing clear milestones for levels.

Duplicating Achievement Rules

You can duplicate rules within a single achievement.

Campaigns Export/Import

A new feature has been added, allowing you to export multiple campaigns set to a JSON file. You can import this configuration into any tenant as well.

Rewards Duplication

You can easily duplicate rewards in the Admin Panel.

Enhanced Webhook for Redemption Campaigns

We have enhanced the webhook CampaignEffectWasApplied with trigger information for redemption Campaigns

More monthly updates


  • New segment condition - Last transaction/Custom event within the last X and Y number of days


  • Enhanced descriptions in several places for clarity

  • Updated API docs to reflect deprecated endpoints


  • Rewards export to CSV with filters on resulted in an error

March 2024

Time-based campaigns

You can set a campaign that is triggered Daily or on Members' birthday

Achievement Duplication

You can duplicate achievements directly from the achievements list.

New downgrade option and additional condition in tiers

We have added a new option in the tier downgrade, based on every anniversary. Additionally, traditional tiers are merged with the custom ones, extending the functionality to all OL users.

The filter "completion" in the Single member view in the Achievement status

We have added a new filter to the member achievement status.

More monthly updates


  • Member's registration date is now exported to the CSV files


  • UI

    • Scroll in tier sets

    • Single member view - Displaying consecutive occurrences in achievements status

    • Redesign of custom attributes in the campaigns

    • Templates in campaigns for Dynamic Coupon rewards

  • Custom units expiration - fix copy


  • Multiple images added to the reward are now displayed properly

February 2024

Custom Units Expiration

We introduced a new configuration for campaign effects. From now on, it is possible to set a custom expiration date for units for a given effect.

Custom Tiers

The Custom Tiers module has been introduced to support the creation of tiers based on multiple criteria, including a new condition: Months since joining the program.

Import Custom Segments

Custom static segments can be created in the Segments module, allowing for the importation of members through CSV files.

More monthly updates


  • UI

    • New filtering UX - sidebar

    • Added logic operators for campaign/tiers set/achievement conditions

    • Fix for autocomplete in Campaign Effects

    • New filtering UX - fix for showing up names instead of IDs for rewards, segments, tiers

    • UI refinement - adding conditions & effects in campaigns and achievements

    • Achievements on single member view - fix for progress greater than goal

    • Custom events schemas

    • New filtration UX

    • Add / Edit Webhook Redesign UI

    • actionCause filtering added to List of Unit Transfers

    • Dashboard - Units overview - adding export and removing the old Dashboard.

    • Single Member View - Visible Campaigns

January 2024

Analytics - Previous Period Comparison

In the reports for General Overview, Units Overview, and Campaign Overview, a dashed line represents data from the previous period, providing a visual comparison to current metrics. This feature aids in assessing performance trends over time.

UnitsTransferWasAdded webhook

A new webhook has been introduced that activates whenever a new Unit Transfer, in any status, is added to the system.

Registration Date - a new business-related field in Member profile

New field registeredAt added to Member profile. By default, it will have the value of createdAt field in the Member profile for existing Members and new ones for cases when registeredAt is not specified in the request body. This field will be displayed in the admin panel as Registration Date and will be used for Segment calculations, Campaign Conditions, and others. It is possible to edit this field using Member endpoints. Additionally, this field is returned with Member export to .csv file.

More monthly updates


  • New fields to GET/api/{storeCode}/member/{member}/history and GET/api/{storeCode}/redemption/{issuedReward}

  • Active units metric is added to the Units overview report

  • Segmentation - linking conditions with OR operator


  • Single Custom Event view - Redesign UI

December 2023

Dashboard Units Overview

A set of additional metrics per wallet has been added, including the metrics for issued points, pending, spent, pending, and expired, as well as redemption rate and breakage rate. It is now possible to see the amount of active points as well.

Return Transactions

A new campaign trigger has been added, allowing the specification of transaction types to streamline the return process. However, at the current moment, the functionality does not verify whether the returned items match those from the original transaction or if the quantities of products align.

Campaigns - Conditions Command bar

A new interface for selecting campaign conditions, featuring a tab named Popular Conditions has been created. This tab will utilize the browser's local storage to display recently selected conditions. Conditions will be included in this tab if they've been added at least three times.

More monthly updates


  • UI - Campaign View - Several improvements have been made to the campaign edit and campaign overview views, including the display of campaign visibility settings.


  • Limitation calculation for referral campaigns - Fixed a bug where limitations were not calculated accurately.

November 2023

Dashboard - Units Overview

The Units Overview on the Dashboard in the admin panel allows for the analysis of the history of issued units by wallet type. This feature provides administrators with valuable insights into unit distribution and trends over time, directly from the dashboard interface.

Variables Catalog

Thanks to the Catalog of Variables feature adding and managing campaigns is way more convenient. We added a new module, where you can import grouped values from CSV files. Instead of typing thousands of values while creating a new condition, now it's possible to choose the whole group.

Custom Events Export to S3 Bucket

The data available for export to AWS S3 is now extended by the Custom Events file, which shows a complete list of the Custom Events that exist in the system.

More monthly updates


  • Reports data exports - Data exports (.jpg, .png, .csv) are available for the General overview report and Campaign overview report.


  • Unit conversion coupon - logic change - Unit conversion coupon in Rewards module shows ratio from units to currency now.

  • Settings - Redesign UX/UI

    • List of Members: Member registration method, Identification factors settings, Member Activation, Member profile settings and Active Member settings were moved to List of Members view.

    • Timezone settings were moved to List of tenants view

    • System logs view was moved to List of Admins view

    • Help menu has a link to API documentation now

  • Achievement Completion status - Single Member View - There is additional column with a number of Achievement Completions by a Member.

October 2023

Follow-up Campaigns

Campaign Completion segment condition was added to the Segment module, and it is possible to create a segment of Members who completed a Campaign x time in a period of last x days (max of 62), last x weeks (max of 8) and last x months (max of 2). Along with the Campaign Visibility feature, it is possible to create follow-up Campaigns that are visible and available to the Members one after another, giving the option to implement additional gamification flows.

Campaign Visibility

The campaign visibility feature enables you to decide if a campaign should be shown to everyone, a specific segment, or a particular tier. This flexibility allows for targeted marketing strategies and personalized user experiences within the platform.

More monthly updates


  • Rewards fulfillment table export -A new table has an export feature added to the admin panel. Filtering and exporting the data in the table happens asynchronously.


UI Improvements:

  • Single member view - Events, Available rewards, redeemed rewards

  • Exit modal for all forms

  • Breadcrumbs optimization

  • Referral token field added in Add Member form

  • Single Member View - date of birth optimization

  • Paging settings in admin panel saved on the device

  • Add/Edit Single Member view redesign

  • Maximum length of coupon code increased to 300 characters

  • List of rewards - tooltips added to availability column

  • Custom attributes - Shortening of chips component

  • Segment - Custom members list refinement

September 2023

Table Search by name

Several tables now include a search bar feature, enabling users to efficiently search for resources by name. This functionality enhances navigation and allows for quicker access to specific data within the tables.

Multiwallets Member limitation status

The status of units limitation per Member’s wallet is now visible in the Single Member View.

More monthly updates


  • Filtering transactions in the admin panel with purchase place and product custom attributes.

  • Campaign limitation status per Member - Checking the status of Campaign limitation is possible in Single Member View and API.

  • Tables - Column configurator - It is possible to configure the column visibility in tables. The setting will be stored on the device.

  • Scroll in the Tenant List - Scroll for tenant list is added. It is possible to view the higher number of Tenants.

  • Support of empty fields in Member XML import - Empty fields in Member XML import are now omitted and export is successful.


UI Improvements:

  • Single member view - Custom attributes

  • Settings

  • Dropdowns

  • Cells in tables

  • Margins and buttons optimisation

  • List of Rewards revamp

  • UI revamp - Secondary button style revamp and Modal/popup revamp


  • Achievement status progress bar fix

August 2023

New occurrence in Achievements - In the last x days

A new Achievement occurrence allows counting the number of events (Transactions, Custom Events) in a chosen number of last days. This setting is less strict than the “In a row” occurrence, which resets the Member's progress when there is a gap in the streak. It is also possible to set up limits for triggering the rules, e.g., count only one transaction a day.

Sample business cases:

  • Log in 5 times in 7 days, once a day, and get 100 points

  • Make 5 Transactions in 30 days and get a voucher for 25$

Matching Transaction with customerId as an identification factor

Transactions can be matched with Members using customerId on top of email, phone and loyaltyCardNumber fields.

More monthly updates


  • Single member view - Achievements status

  • Added filtering based on multiple status values in GET /api/{storeCode}/redemption endpoint - It is possible to filter rewards using multiple status values simultaneously.

  • Single Transaction View - Showing many Custom Attributes - Admin panel allows viewing more Custom Attributes in a standard view and showing all Custom Attributes in a new popup.


  • Single Member View - Timeline filtering - It is possible to filter the Member’s Timeline in the admin panel for different events.

  • Issued Rewards - Additional coupon information added

  • Configuration tabs adjusted


  • Coupon code entropy fix

July 2023

Active Members: Custom Events configuration

Configuring the definition of Active Member, including Custom Events assigned to their profile is now possible. OR/AND conditions are available to be set with transactions and Custom Events.

Rewards - Percentage coupon

The Rewards module now includes a dedicated Coupon Type specifically for percentage discounts, allowing for the direct specification of the discount percentage value. This enhancement simplifies the process by eliminating the need for Custom Attributes to define percentage discounts, offering a more streamlined approach to creating and managing percentage-based coupons.

Duplicate Campaign

You can now duplicate an existing Campaign for reuse. The new Campaign is created with “Copy” in its name and is set to inactive by default, allowing for easy modification and activation as needed.

Export Redemption Codes

Administrators now have the capability to export redemption codes directly from the admin panel.

Reward - Coupon-specific expiration date

Rewards now feature the option to set a specific expiration date for all coupons associated with a given Reward. Additionally, the expiration date can be specified at the time of coupon redemption, providing greater flexibility in managing the validity period of coupons.

More monthly updates


  • Campaign exit modal - Exit modal was added to Add Campaign form when trying to leave the Campaign without saving.

  • Export Tiers in the admin panel - Exporting the list of Members in the given Tier is now possible from the admin panel.

  • Member export - It is now possible to schedule an export of the filtered Members list. It is possible from the level of the API and Admin panel (List of Members).

  • Segment export - It is now possible to schedule an export of the Segment list. It is possible from the level of the API and Admin panel (Segments).


  • Webhooks: Add multiple headers to the webhook subscription - Configuration of webhooks includes the possibility to add multiple headers to the sent webhook.

  • Add/Edit Rewards: HTML editors added to Reward description fields - An HTML editor added to Reward subscription fields allows formatting the text, which is later converted to HTML when saved on the backend side. It can be later retrieved to send formatted text in emails or other communication.

  • Single Campaign view - Campaign rules - Campaign rules are now displayed in the Single Campaign View after clicking on the Campaign in the list.

UI Improvements:

  • Campaigns - Rules

  • Single Member View - Timeline


  • Achievement is one of condition fix

  • Export doesn’t work for higher volumes of data

  • Data exported to AWS S3

  • Fixed 'name' filtering for GET /api/{storeCode}/member/{member}/wallet endpoint

  • It was not possible to change the order of the Campaigns.

June 2023

Single Campaign analytics

Single Campaign View was added, and it contains two metrics that can be used to track Campaign performance:

  • Total engagement: Total number of times the campaigns engaged members within the set date range.

  • Engaged members: Total number of members engaged with the campaigns at least once within the set date range.

More monthly updates


  • Add/Edit Campaign form revamp

  • Single Campaign View - details

  • Adding additional labels for daily aggregation on the General Overview and Campaign reports


  • Accent sign-in email fix

  • customerId value fix for GET /api/{storeCode}/points/{transfer} and GET /api/{storeCode}/points/

  • Cancelling particular units transfer caused 500 error

  • Canceling units transfers causing 500 error

  • Expression length is too short causing 500 error

May 2023

Multi-dimensional achievements

Open Loyalty supports the creation of hybrid achievements by combining various triggers.

These are sample cases:

  • Share a post on social media and make a purchase for at least 50$

  • Walk 10,000 steps five days in a row and buy three products from the supplements category

Segmentation based on location and age

This feature allows for refined targeting by incorporating demographic and geographical criteria such as country, city, province, and postal code.

Specify Wallet for the Reward

Now, for each Reward, you can designate a specific Wallet from which units will be redeemed. This feature is accessible through both the Add/Edit Reward form in the admin panel and via API, offering greater flexibility in managing rewards and redemptions.

Admin Panel Import UI

The admin panel now includes a user interface for the import functionality, enabling a new method for importing Members directly through the admin Panel. This update simplifies the process of adding members to the system, enhancing the user experience and administrative efficiency.

More monthly updates


  • Creating Member without adding the Tier - It is now possible to use Open Loyalty without creating Tiers. Before, there had to be a basic Tier; now, Members can be created without any Tier assigned.

  • Logout after a period of inactivity - An automatic logout is performed when there is no activity for some time. The default value is 15 minutes.

  • Redemption codes export to CSV file - It is now possible to manage the exports of redemption codes.

    • POST /api/:storeCode/campaign/{id}/codes/export is used to schedule an export. It is also possible to use filtering in order to export the desired list of codes.

    • GET /api/:storeCode/export/{exportId} is used to get the details of the scheduled export.

    • GET /api/:storeCode/export/{exportId}/download is used to download the exported file.

    • GET /api/:storeCode/export is used to get the list of all scheduled exports.

  • API - Items on page limited to 50


  • Filtering improvement - when clicking on the “chips” the edit option is displayed - It is possible to edit the filter by clicking on the “chips” component.

UI Improvements:

  • UI forms performance enhancements

  • Copy for Campaign table


  • Create a Campaign with specific data - 500 status error

  • Changing Member password causing 500 HTTPS error

  • System logs username filtering 500 error

  • List of Members - filtering with “Amount excluded for Tier” 500 error

  • Missing items in CSV exports

April 2023

Units Conversion Coupon

It is now possible to create a new coupon type that allows converting the Member’s units to a monetary value. It simplifies the management of coupons and enables burning points to just one high-value coupon rather than several lower-value ones. This approach helps to engage the Members more and drive sales.

Redemption (QR) Codes Campaigns

This new Campaign mechanic allows the creation of a set of codes that will yield an effect(Rewards, Units, etc) to the Member who is scanning it. OL can generate and validate the codes that can be presented in any desirable way (string, QR codes, bar codes, etc) to the Member. One of the cases involves printing the codes on the products to encourage customers to buy them.

Dashboard - General overview of active members

It is now possible to configure the Active Member definition in Settings. The definition takes into account the number of days that passed from the last Transaction of a given Member. Then Open Loyalty will gather and display the analytics data on these Members.

More monthly updates


  • Add/Edit Rewards - There is a new layout for the Add/Edit Rewards form.


  • Filtering Members using memberId

  • Sorting Rewards by type caused 500 error

  • Filtering Rewards using Tiers caused 500 error

  • Update Add/Edit role view- dropdown of Tenant and select component of "Access" and "Resource"

  • Right to left mode admin panel improvements

  • Creating Segment with “Members with custom attribute value”, “Members with custom attribute” conditions admin panel error

  • Hiding unused fields when adding deduct units transfer

  • PUT /api/{storeCode}/member/{member} email update error

  • Timeline Unit Transfer dates fix

  • Achievement concurrency issue

March 2023

Multi-level referrals

It is now possible to set up the number of levels for which the referral Campaign will be triggered. For example for Referral Level = 2, and situation: Mary invites John and John invites Kate and Kate makes a transaction. In this case, both John (Level 1 referral) and Mary(Level 2 referral) will get the Campaign Effect(Points, Rewards, etc.). It is also possible to vary the Rewards based on the given level of Referral so that Mary can get a different Reward than John.

Dashboard - General Overview

New Dashboard element - General overview with various metrics was added.

New metrics include:

  • Registered members

  • Revenue

  • Avg. spending

  • Transactions

  • Avg. transaction value

  • Avg. number of transactions

More monthly updates


  • Asynchronous Member import with XML file - It is now possible to import multiple xml files with Members and track the progress of the import.


  • Admin panel translations - Translations were enhanced in multiple places making the experience of using the panel better

  • Set/Delete Member Custom Attribute effect enhanced in CampaignEffectWasApplied webhook - Information about the key and value of the assigned Custom Attribute has been added to the webhook CampaignEffectWasApplied

  • Using loyaltyCardNumber, email and phone as memberId with endpoints - It is possible to use loyaltyCardNumber, email and phone, instead of memberId (uuid) using all endpoints that used memberId as a path parameter

  • transferId added to AvailablePointsAmountChanged webhook


  • Set Member Custom Attribute Effect and PUT /api/DEFAULT/member/{member}/custom-attribute request did not trigger the Campaign

  • Error enhancement when deleting segment that contains Members

  • Single Member View - different value for empty field: “-” instead of “NaN”

  • Changing a member's email resets its data

  • Fixed wrong Transaction and Unit Transfer date on Member timeline

  • Layout improvements

  • Error status code for deleting segments fixed

February 2023

Export to S3 - Achievements progress

It is possible to export Achievements progress as a CSV file to the S3 bucket.

Export to S3 Bucket

It is possible to export Transactions, Rewards Redemption, Achievements as CSV files to the S3 bucket.

Campaign Effect - Assign/Delete Member CustomAttribute

There are two new Effects added in Campaigns:

  • Set Member Custom Attribute - it allows setting the Custom Attribute on the Member profile as an effect of a Campaign. Use cases: assigning badges, assigning custom units to be rewarded ratio, custom segmentation, chaining Campaigns

  • Delete Member Custom Attribute - it allows deleting Custom Attributes from the Member profile.

Additionally, it is possible to use numerical Member Custom Attributes in Campaigns in Effects, e.g. give units with custom individualised ratio for each Member.

More monthly updates


  • RTL - Right-to-left support in admin panel - The admin panel is in right-to-left mode for Arabic and Hebrew language browser settings.

  • Set a new password by administrator in admin panel - It is now possible to set a Member password in Admin panel.

  • There is a wallet type code displayed in Admin panel for the default wallet. - Before this code was not shown but currently it is displayed as with their wallet types.


  • Achievements - Read-only mode - The edit achievement form is displayed in a read-only mode. When updating non-condition fields i.e. name, description, the progress achievements stay the same. When updating conditions the prompt is shown informing that the progress of achievements will change.

  • transferId added to AvailablePointsAmountChanged webhook

  • Matching transaction: Matching from Single Transaction View and showing explicit matching information - It is now possible to match a Transaction to a Member on Single Transaction view. Additionally, it is shown explicitly if Transaction is matched or not.

  • Add/Edit new wallet type UI revamp- Layout for Add/Edit wallet type changed in Admin Panel

  • Campaigns in Admin panel - Conditions revamp: event.achievementId and purchaseAmount It is possible to set two new conditions in Campaigns:

    • For Transaction Campaigns: Purchase amount - the value of all Transactions placed by a Member

    • For Internal Event - Achievement progressed: Name of the progressed Achievement (before it was necessary to use the expression)


  • Display Edit Campaign page in admin panel

  • 400 error when editing image in Rewards

  • Fixes in migration scripts

  • Filtering units transfers as logged Member returned only default wallet transfers

  • Edit Tier image 401 error

  • Achievement - Transaction items custom attributes condition did not progress the achievement

  • Wrong hover in Rewards details in Admin panel

  • Admin panel - error with opening Achievements with brackets in Conditions

January 2023

Export to S3 Bucket - Campaigns Usage, Members, Campaigns, Tiers

It is possible to export Campaigns Usage, Members, Campaigns, and Tiers as CSV files to the S3 Bucket.

Global limitations

It is now possible to set a global limitation. There are two configurations:

  • global wallet limitation - limit for all the wallets of the given type

  • member wallet limitation - separate limit for wallets of the given type per Member

It is possible to set different time constraints: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and in total.

More monthly updates


  • Admin Panel UI improvements - Navigation bar has been moved to the side and is now collapsible.

  • Single Member View - expiration date for units transfers added

  • Additional actionCause object added to AvailablePointsAmountChanged webhook New object added to the webhook: "actionCause": { "campaignId": "string" (uuid) | null, "customerId": "string" (uuid) | null, "transactionId": "string" (uuid) | null, "customEventId": "string" (uuid) | null, "internalEventName": "string" | null } It gives information about a cause that triggered the event.


  • Audit logs - opening some logs resulted in a blank screen

  • Coupons - daysInactive and daysValid validation fixed

  • Tier downgrade config fixed

  • Units to the next tier calculated for the wrong wallet

  • Export to s3 - CSV had breaks in the wrong places

  • Member edit returned 500

  • Reward edit error - image deleted

  • Units transfer cancellation fix

  • Too many decimals for Units on Single Member View in the admin panel

  • Filtering using customerId fix

  • Cannot search the condition after choosing an item from the list

  • A long email address is displayed outside the box

  • GET /member/{memberID}/status returned value calculated with the wrong wallet

  • Concurrent add units operation resulted in duplicating the wallet type for the single Member

  • Campaign Limitation - The campaign showed the wrong limitation after the edit

December 2022

New Campaign Trigger: Internal event - Achievement progressed

This event triggers when the progress of Achievement changes. It is possible to use achievement-related properties in the campaigns:

  • periodGoal - goal to be achieved

  • currentPeriodValue - current progress value

  • consecutivePeriods - applicable only for consecutive Achievements: periods to be achieved

  • completedConsecutivePeriods - current achieved periods

  • progressChanges - the difference between the current periodGoal and the previous periodGoal

Additionally, an advanced cashback threshold mechanism was added to Campaigns Effect.

Rewards - Export to S3 Bucket

Rewards can now be exported as CSV files directly to the S3 Bucket, offering a streamlined way to manage and analyze reward data outside of the platform

Adding Units Transfers in Admin Panel

Admin panel allows adding units transfers and specify pending and expire values.

Units Transfer - Export to S3 Bucket

Unit Transfers can now be exported as CSV files directly to the S3 Bucket.

More monthly updates


  • ACL - Language - There is now 403 error handling in admin panel for Language resources.

  • Member Custom Attribute in Campaign Condition Expression - It is now possible to use Member Custom Attributes in Campaign expressions. Member Custom Attributes can be used as strings, datetimes and numbers.

  • Single Member View - assigning a Tier - It is now possible to assign the tier using ACTIONS menu in Single Member View


  • Autocomplete:

    • Style updates

    • Bug with highlighting a template

  • Trigger related fields added to CampaignEffectWasApplied webhook

  • New fields added to this webhook:

    • triggerType - transaction/custom_event/internal_event/time/achievement",

    • trigger.triggerId - returned only for transaction/custom_event/achievement

  • Application logs returned as json


  • Targets were not taken into account when displaying rewards for test data - GET member/{member}/reward

  • Saving empty tierAssignType returns 500 error

  • Too many decimal places returned for units - Units balance was returned containing too many decimal places

  • No critical logs in stderr

  • 500 error when image not found with GET /api/DEFAULT/reward/{rewardId}/photo/{photoId} - Error handling was added.

  • Member import from XML when S3 is enabled - It is now possible to import members using XML file when S3 is enabled

  • Not possible to filter with Units Transfers types in the admin panel

  • Endpoint POST /api/audit/log/archive returned 500 error - Error handling was added.

  • Importing coupons with wrong file returned 500 error - Error handling and validation was added.

  • Referral Achievement - Transactions in a row Achievement was not working

  • Deleting Tier with assigned Members returned the wrong error - The error was not precise and had spelling errors.

  • Special signs fixed in search boxes of email or phone were not working - Special signs like “+” were not working in search inputs in the Admin Panel.

November 2022

Achievements - unique Transactions (one per Member)

Achievements now support the case for checking if the given number of Referees made an order, e.g: “10 of your invited friends made an order”

Achievements - Referral events

The Achievements module now includes support for Referral events, allowing the configuration of achievements for Referrers based on Transaction and Custom events. This feature rewards Referrers for bringing in valuable Members who meet specific criteria, such as placing orders above a certain value or contributing a minimum number of product reviews.

More monthly updates


  • Achievements - unique Transactions (one per Member) - Achievements now support the case for checking if the given number of Referees made an order, e.g: “10 of your invited friends made an order”


  • Currency format in tables and charts improved - Places with currency display data with more consistency now.

  • unitsDeducted field returned for Transaction endpoints - Field unitsDeducted returned in endpoints:

    • /api/{storeCode}/transaction/{transaction}

    • /api/{storeCode}/transaction

  • Admin panel UI revamp - Visual layout of admin panel was changed. No new functional changes, mainly UX improvements.

  • ACL - ACL/Roles and Sales channel - There is now 403 error handling in admin panel for ACL/Roles and Sales channel resources.

  • Description in the List of Campaigns - It is now possible to see the Campaign Description on the List of Campaigns when hoovering on the Campaign Name.


  • Single reward view - copy table header replacement

  • There was no scroll to the error message in the edit Single Member View

  • “See all” button in the List of Campaigns not displayed correctly

  • Add Unit Transfer button was not present in the List of Unit Transfers

  • Filters related to units were not working in the List of Members

  • Some responses contained info about filtering even though they were not filtered.

  • limitReached field in GET/{storeCode}/member/{member}/campaign was set to false when trigger limit was reached and units limit was not reached.

October 2022

Campaign popularity

A new endpoint, GET /api/{store}/analytics/campaign, has been introduced, which provides the number of campaign executions created. This feature enhances the ability to track and analyze the popularity and engagement levels of various campaigns, offering valuable insights into their performance.

Deduct units in Campaigns

It is now possible to configure the “Deduct units” option in Campaign Effect for given Conditions. It will create a spend unit transfer for a given Member.

Webhooks Subscription Interface

The admin panel now features a new subscription mechanism, enabling the configuration of webhooks through a user-friendly interface. Each webhook can be directed to a specific URL. For legacy users, there's an option to activate legacy mode for individual webhooks to continue receiving responses in the old format. However, be aware that legacy mode will only be supported until the end of this year.

More monthly updates


  • Rewards - choosing Wallet spending configuration - It is now possible to precisely choose the wallet that will be used to purchase Rewards. Initially by default Rewards are purchased using Default wallet.

  • ACL - Custom Events - There is now 403 error handling in admin panel for Custom Events resource.

  • Filtering transaction in Admin panel using matched and transactionId - It is now possible to filter the transactions using the matched and transactionId filters in the admin panel.


  • Autocomplete - Searched words are bolded - Now the searched words will be bolded in the Campaign Effects formula Autocomplete.

  • Segments contain the date of computation - Segments will now contain the information about the time of computation. The field will be returned when computation took place and will not be returned when there was no computation.

  • CustomerBoughtReward reward name attribute added - New field reward that contains rewardName was added to the CustomerBoughtReward webhook.


  • Copy error in the List of Unit Transfers filters - Copy had “Transactions” instead of “Unit Transfers”

  • “You don't have permission" appearing when it shouldn’t - There was an error that “You don't have permission" message appeared when it shouldn’t because permissions were in order.

  • Security vulnerability in twig was fixed

September 2022

Achievement - sum of event attribute’s values consecutively

The new feature allows for the configuration of achievements based on the consecutive sum of values from Transaction and Custom Event attributes. Possible cases:

Custom Event:

  • Track a workout of at least 30 minutes every day for 5 days in a row

  • Walk at least 40 000 steps a week for 6 weeks in a row


  • Spend 50$ 5 months in a row

  • Buy 5 products from consumable category 4 months in a row

This enhancement enables more dynamic and goal-oriented achievements within the platform.

More monthly updates


  • Showing more than 3 wallets on Single Member View - It is now possible to browse more than 3 wallets on Single Member View.


  • ACL - 403 error handling in Admin panel for resources: Tiers Campaign Previously roles management worked on the BE side, now we are implementing usability optimisation for each resource.

  • Webhook account.available_points_amount_changed wallet related fields added - Additional wallet information was added

  • Campaign display order - inline table edition - It is now possible to edit the Campaign display order on the Campaign table view. It provided a better user experience as one can see campaigns in a broader context.

  • Multiwallets/Units Transfers table - new columns and filters:


  • Field flatVariables is returned as array &object - The same field was sometimes returned as a different data structure.

August 2022

Achievement - Calculate Event Attributes values (Custom Events)

Achievements module now supports cases where we want to aggregate event attributes, rather than event itself, e.g: Spending 5h on a workout

Webhook subscription mechanism

A new webhook subscription mechanism was added. Before, all webhooks were sent to a single address. Currently, it is possible to configure a separate address per webhook.

Mutliwallet units expiration and locking

It is now possible to set the expiration and locking configuration per wallet. Before only the default wallet had such a configuration.

Achievement - Calculate Event Attributes values (Transactions)

The achievements module now supports cases where we want to aggregate event attributes, rather than the event itself, e.g:

  • Spend a total of 300$ among many Transactions

  • Buy 10 products from your favorite brands ( Quantity of products with given Custom Attribute)

  • Spend a total of 100$ on products with the given SKU

Multi wallets

A new module that allows managing multi-wallet scenarios. It is possible to have many wallets and assign units to them separately. Spending on units is also separate.

This feature introduces support for different business scenarios, e.g:

  • Separate wallets for paying with points and for redeeming

  • Rewards Credit wallet or debt wallet

  • Gamification: experience points wallets

More monthly updates


  • Achievement progress notification - A webhook that is sent when achievement progress is changed, was added. For the consecutive achievements, it is also sent when the consecutive time streak is reset.

  • Campaign effect assigned notification - Webhook is sent when the Effect was assigned for the Campaign. It can be used to notify a Member that its actions have positive outcomes.

  • Campaign:

    • Custom Attributes

    • Custom display order

  • Achievements progress endpoints - It is now possible to retrieve the progress of achievements using endpoints:

    • GET member/{member}/campaign - this endpoint returns achievement progress along the campaign data

    • GET member/{member}/achievement - this endpoint is focused just on the achievement context

  • Multiwallet Tier configuration - It is now possible to choose which wallet will be used to calculate the Tiers. It’s configured in Tiers configuration. Before Tiers were based on default wallet.


  • Autocomplete - support for editing - Before autocomplete worked only for creating a Campaign and now it works also for editing.

  • UX Single Member View - copy button - There are buttons to copy some Member details on Single Member View.

  • Table Filters UX - “None” option was removed and when there is only one filtering condition it is already chosen.

  • Achievements - Single Member View Timeline update - Information about the completed achievement is presented on the Member’s Timeline.

July 2022

Achievements - Custom Events - Overall

It is now possible to create Achievements based on counting the number of Custom Events.

Achievements - Consecutive

It is now possible to create Achievements based on events (Transactions, Custom Events) in a row.

Achievements - Transactions

We added a new functionality of Achievements that allows gamifying the shopping experience in regards to Transactions and allows to create of loyalty Campaigns based on it. For example, it is possible to create this scenario: Shop 5 Transaction 50$ each

Auth0 Support

It is possible to configure Auth0 and log in to the admin panel with this method.

More monthly updates


  • Webhook subscription mechanism - new endpoints introduced


  • Single Member View - Sorting added to columns in tables

  • Custom Event assignment appears on the Members timeline - GET /member/{member}/history returns an entry when Member was assigned to a Custom Event. It is also shown in the Single Member View in admin panel.

  • Member identification optimized - It is now possible to add loyaltyCardNumber as a main identification factor along email and phoneNumber. This value will be required when choosing this field.

  • Field loyaltyCardNumber was added to tier and points webhooks

June 2022

New Endpoint - Return all campaigns

Endpoint for returning available challenges per Member - GET /api/{code}/member/{member}/campaign endpoint added.

This endpoint returns all active Campaigns with information if their limit was reached for a given Member. For Campaigns that have not reached the limit it returns "limitReached": false, and for Campaigns that have reached the limit it returns "limitReached": true.The logged Member can only see its own available Campaigns and precise Campaign logic is hidden

More monthly updates


  • Time comparison added to Expression functionality - It is possible to compare time, e.g. dates using timestamp function. Here is an example of checking if it was more that 30 days after Member registration: timestamp(customer.registeredDate) + 86400 * 30


  • POST api/token/refresh is now working for Member account

May 2022

Campaign Limitation

A new feature of Campaign Limitation was implemented. It allows anti-fraud and business control of the Campaigns.

  • General Points limit - It allows limiting the points earned by all the Members for the given Campaign.

  • Per Member Points Limit - It allows limiting the points earned per Member for the given Campaign.

  • Per Member executions Limit - It allows limiting the executions of the given Campaign per Member.

More monthly updates


  • UX popup threshold changed to 1000px - There is a popup informing about optimal screen resolution. Its threshold was lowered to 1000 pixels.

  • Campaign Autocomplete - Transaction autocomplete are no longer displayed in Custom and internal Campaigns. These tips were not relevant there.

  • Reward logic refactor - Reward bought projector has been removed in order to move retrieving data about bought rewards from another source. It allows the next version to generate more detailed reports.

  • Autocomplete:

    • navigating with arrows - It is possible to navigate the popup with templates and variables

    • UX copy optimisation - There was a change in the copy so it’s more informative.

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