Referral Campaign

Learn more about referral campaigns.

Referee - Person invited to the program Referrer - Member sending the invitation

The 'Rules' section is divided into the 'Rules for Referrer' and 'Rules for Referee' sub-sections. There, you can create conditions you would like to apply respectively for Referrer, for Referee, or for both, and reward them accordingly.

Please note that rules are considered separately, which means that if you e.g. create a Campaign with rules for Referrer and Referee but only one of them will meet the conditions, only this Member will be rewarded.

Multi-level Campaign Configuration

The multi-level referral feature allows users to set up referral campaigns with multiple levels of referrals. This means that users can reward not only the person who makes the referral, but also the person who was referred by the original referrer, and so on. It allows users to reach a wider audience by incentivizing not just the original referrer, but also subsequent referrers. This can lead to increased sales and customer engagement. Additionally, users can customize the rewards for each level of referral, which can help to motivate referrers to refer more people.

To configure Multi-level Campaign follow the steps below:

  1. Set the Campaign type: Referral campaign

  2. Select Multi-level campaign

  3. Select Referral max levels to the desired level, for example 2

  4. Set the campaign trigger to a desired event - Transaction, Internal event, Custom event, Achievement

  5. If you selected Internal event, Select event type for example - Member was activated

  6. Configure Rules for the Referrer and a Referee

  7. Add conditions - to target specific levels choose - "Current referral level for multi-level campaign" for example,

    1. Rule 1 "Current referral level for multi-level campaign" is equal: 1

    2. Add Effect - action type - Add units - 100

    3. Rule 2 "Current referral level for multi-level campaign" is equal: 2

    4. Add Effect - action type - Add units - 50

This way original referrer will get 100 units each time their' referee invites someone to the program.

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