Return Campaign

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Return Transactions have been introduced to enhance the flexibility and control of loyalty campaigns: This feature serves as a complement to the existing transaction-based triggers in loyalty campaigns, allowing businesses to handle returns seamlessly within their loyalty programs.


The Return Transactions feature is designed to address the other side of customer interactions: product returns. This feature operates inversely to the transaction triggers. When a customer returns a product, this action can trigger specific effects within a loyalty campaign, especially deducting loyalty points or units that were earned from the original purchase.

At the moment, return transactions work as a separate flow. It does not revert the member’s status or tier if it was affected by the original transaction, nor adjusts campaign limits or counters that were impacted by the initial purchase.

Why Return Transactions Matter

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: This feature ensures that loyalty points or rewards are accurately reflected in a member’s account, taking into account product returns.

  2. Fraud Prevention: By automatically adjusting points or rewards upon product returns, this feature aids in preventing the misuse of loyalty programs.

  3. Improved Member Experience: Members are assured of a transparent and fair loyalty program, where their rewards are accurately tracked, even in cases of product returns.

  4. Operational Efficiency: The automation of reward adjustments during returns reduces manual workload and potential errors, streamlining loyalty program management.

How It Works

  • When a product is returned, the Return Transaction trigger activates (by adding a return transaction manually or through the API.)

  • Return transaction has to be matched with an existing transaction.

Items must be manually added to the return transaction.

  • The system then automatically adjusts the member’s rewards or points based on pre-defined rules set in the campaign.

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