Redemption Code Campaign

Learn more about campaign based on the redemption codes.

The Redemption Code feature enables campaigns around codes that members can redeem later. These codes can take various forms, such as barcodes, QR codes, or alphanumeric codes, which users can either scan or manually input through the app or website to avail of associated benefits or rewards.

To create a campaign based on the redemption codes, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create Custom Event Schema: a text-type attribute.

  2. Access Campaign Creation:

    • Choose the desired .

  3. Select Redemption Code Trigger:

    • Within the campaign trigger section, select Redemption code.

  4. Define Event and Attribute Names:

    • Specify the Event name and Attribute event name created previously.

  5. Code Details:


    • Number of generated codes: Quantity of codes that can be generated (additional codes can be created while the campaign is active).

    • Redemption code length: Length of each code.

    • Redemption code prefix: Set of characters consistent for each code.

    • Redemption code character set: Choose one of the following options: Alpha, Alphanumeric, or Numeric.

  6. Campaign Details:

    • Enter the campaign name, attributes (optional), and campaign status. (More details can be found under #basic-settings)

  7. Add Rules (Conditions and Effects):

    • Use Open Loyalty Language to define rewards based on the custom event attribute or other variables in the Conditions and Effects sections. (More details can be found under #rules)

  8. View and Export Codes:

    • To view the codes, access the list of campaigns, click on the three dots next to the campaign, and select Show .

    • to a file, use the .CSV option.

The statuses of codes will dynamically change each time.

Status of redemption codes in the campaign overview

In the general overview of the campaign, you can see the status of how many codes have been used and remain:

Go to Campaigns -> List of campaigns -> Redemption code campaign.

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