Backward Compatibility Breaks
New webhooks mechanism:
  • Enabling webhooks via settings has been replaced by the mechanism of subscribing to webhook events. Therefore, enabling webhooks via endpoint settings does not work.
  • If webhooks were enabled in the previous version via settings, they will be automatically added in the subscription mechanism via migration in legacy mode (the data sent will be the same as in the previous mechanism - can be checked in the technical documentation in the Callbacks section for POST settings endpoint).
  • If webhooks have not been enabled before, you should use the Webhook subscription mechanism. Data returned in standard (not legacy) mode can be checked in the Webhook event section.
  • Autocomplete - support for editing
  • Single Member View - copy button
  • Webhook subscription mechanism
  • Achievement progress notification
  • Achievements - calculating event attributes values (Custom Events)Campaign effect assigned notification
  • Campaign - Custom Attributes
  • Campaign - Custom display order
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