The initial step that needs to be configured is the authentication flow. See the sample example how this can be configured. Links to more detailed instructions can be found at the end of the article.

How this example works

OpenLoyalty uses JWT Tokens to authenticate all API calls.

Properly setting up authentication is crucial for maintaining application security and ensuring uninterrupted service. This helps avoid issues such as excessive request rates or the use of invalid or expired tokens.

Try yourself

  • Login with the admin username and password Endpoint: POST /api/admin/login_check

  • Save token and refresh_token from the responses

  • Refresh your previously saved token Endpoint: POST /api/token/refresh

  • Input the token in the header for all the subsequent requests

Endpoints used

More resources

For a detailed overview and description of the authentication flow, please refer to these articles:

pageAuthentication FlowpageAdminspageAPI Fundamentals

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