Member Registration Configuration

One of the main setup steps is choosing the registration method. See the sample example how this can be configured. Links to more detailed instructions can be found at the end of the article.

How this example works

OpenLoyalty supports multitenancy, allowing each tenant (store) to operate as a distinct database, complete with its own member list and campaigns. This guide outlines the initial step of the setup process: selecting the appropriate registration method for a member. A single unique identifier is required, which can be an email, phone number, or loyalty card number (that can serve as your own unique identifier).

Try yourself

  • Input the previous saved token in the request header

  • Retrieve a list of tenants (stores) Endpoint: GET /api/store

  • Choose the required tenant and its code

  • Retrieve member registration for the specified tenant Endpoint: GET /api/{storeCode}/settings

  • Update identificationMethod Endpoint: PATCH /api/{storeCode}/settings

        "settings": {
            "identificationMethod": "phone" // or "loyaltyCardNumber", "email"

Moving forward, the chosen method will be a required field for member registration.

Endpoints used

More resources

For a detailed overview and description of the member registration configuration, please refer to these articles:

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