Open Loyalty 5.19


Backward Compatibility Breaks
  • Endpoints GET /api/event/{id} and GET /api/event has been deleted
  • Identifying fields: email and phone for user (admin and customer) are case-insensitive
  • Identifying field: loyaltyCardNumber for user (admin and customer) is case-sensitive
  • Command oloy:reward:analytics:export was renamed to oloy:rewards:analytics:export
  • 1- `GET /member/{memberID}/status` returns following fields based on tier configured wallet: `pointsToTheNextLevel`, 2 `nextLevelConditionValue`, `nextLevelName`, `pointsSinceLastLevelRecalculation`, `pointsRequiredToRetainLevel`. 3 The rest of the fields are based on default wallet.
  • Rewards - Export to s3
  • Global limitation per wallet type
  • Admin Panel UI improvements
  • Single Member View - expiration date for units transfers added
  • Additional actionCause object added to AvailablePointsAmountChanged webhook
  • New message displayed when tier was assigned in admin panel
  • Audit logs - opening some logs resulted in a blank screen
  • Coupons - daysInactive and daysValid validation fixed
  • Tier downgrade config fixed
  • Units to the next tier calculated for wrong wallet
  • Export to s3 - csv had breaks in the wrong places
  • Member edit returned 500
  • Reward edit error - image deleted
  • Units transfer cancellation fix
  • Too many decimals for Units on Single Member View in the admin panel
  • Filtering using customerId fix
  • Cannot search the condition after choosing an item from the list
  • A long email address is displayed outside the box
  • GET /member/{memberID}/status returned value calculated with the wrong wallet
  • Concurrent add units operation resulted in duplicating the wallet type for the single Member
  • Campaign Limitation - campaign showed wrong limitation after the edit
  • Cannot add Conditions in Campaigns in Admin Panel
Last modified 25d ago