Open Loyalty 5.24

Custom Events

Adding Custom Event

The Custom Event is a specific event that can be created only via API, also first you need to create Custom event schemas in which you can specify conditions. To create the custom Event, use request: '/api/{storeCode}/customEvent' and here you need to specify:
  • Type - in here we must pass 'event system identifier', from 'Custom event schemas',
  • Customer data - data that will connect the event to the Member,
  • Body - with your condition from the schema, where you need to put value for Attribute system identifier which you previously described.
  • Event date - creation date of the Event,
After sending a valid request, you will get a '200 OK' response with created custom event id. Also, such an Event now should appear in the 'Custom Events' tab.

Managing Custom Events

After finding yourself on the 'Custom Events' table view, you will have all created Events present here. You can browse through them, or customize the view e.g. by picking how many rows per page you would like to see.

Browsing through the Events

As mentioned above, you can see all Events present as a table, which can be browsed not only via scroll but also by using filters. Click on the '+Add filter' button and a popup screen will show up, here you can pick 'Property' > 'Condition' > 'Value' and after picking the needed data just click on the 'Add Filter' purple button.
Available filters, which can be picked from the list or via search field:
  • Email
  • Event date
  • Event name
  • Loyalty card number
  • Member ID
  • Phone number
  • Type
  • equals - where the name needs to be exact as a typed value
  • contains - in this case, there must be a partial match to the value
After that only matching records will be present. Also, the graphic presented as the pie chart will show the percentage and number of filtered records to the whole. If you would like to dismiss the filter just click on the 'X' button.

Custom Event Details

To access the selected record's details just click on it or click on the overflow button and from the list pick the "see details" option. Here in detail view, you have data like Event name, Event date, and assign Member's data passed during creation before. In order to dismiss details, view click on the "X" button, on the top, next to the Event's id.

FAQ (Custom event)